Net Respect Online Safeguarding Consultants - Safeguarding
Who do Net Respect train in Online Safegaurding?
Agencies we  have educated  include :
  • Schools , Teachers and Teaching Assistants 
  • Child Protection Officers 
  • Social Services - Emotional harm - Online  awareness
  • Children Charities
  • Court welfare Officers
  • Domestic Violence Staff & Units 
  • Local Councils 
  • Foster Carers
  • SME's and privatesector
  • Universities for  undergraduates (Guest Speakers)
Public Sector Services
  •   Online safety  awareness courses for Teachers 
  •   Internet safety lessons for children
  •   Anti Cyber Bullying – Btec Level 2 - October 2016
  •   Cyber bullying – 21st century Challenges -  with children
 Business Services -
  • Solutions to online crime and defamation against your company name or unlawful use of information. Breaches of privacy and confidential information.
  • How to impliment Discipliary actions for inappropriate use.
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Internet Safety in Business does not mean just cyber attacks to software.
  • Acceptable use policies, Social networking policies, 
  • Staff  Acceptable use training - Inappropriate use defined
Reputational Online  Risk  Assessments 
Across a range of disciplines from business to agriculture. Learning disabilities to law. We will design the perfect training from inception to completion, if you do not  have an HR or training department , our in house trainers, we are your perfect solution.
Staff  are going to use the internet  at work or home, on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.Let us train them in appropriate use .How use it for your business good and gain. Keeping your business reputation esafe. Safeguarding and protection  is essential.
Staff Employment Contracts,Disciplinary and Acceptable Use Policies.
Acceptable use policies are not being used enough by companies or schools to protect themselves .Expensive employment tribunals and dismal claims are unnecessary. Get our essential training now.
Call us for a consultation today. Saving your reputation from damage is only a phone call away.
We work for you and with you .
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