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 Net Respect Reputational Online Risk Assessments (RORA)
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Use I.T don’t abuse I.T.”. Detect ,Protect, Preserve & Respect."
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Net Respect Internet Safeguarding - What We Do
  • Net Respect see that a new set of "Social Skills " are now required for our virtual lives.
  • Net Respect North West  is innovating and leading the way for a better understanding of Reputational risks that can cause damage to business and life. Creating a more socially responsible ,safer virtual world for our next generations..
  • Teaching adults and children these new set of "social skills " is vital, to ensure the next generation and  beyond do not abuse technology ..
  • We train ,empower and consult with Businesses parents, teachers and employees who use social networks like Facebook, to use them responsibly.
  • With internet safeguarding as a primary concern our training consultants practice the mantra,Lead by example,
The Effects of negative online behaviours
The effects and impact on business, or personally of negative online behaviours can be devistating to those involved .Every facet of our society is affected by those who engage in negative social media use and negative online behaviour.This puts lives and reputations at risk .Its moral and social pollution of the extreme kind.
The Focus
We focus on the legal aspects of negative social media use,what the law states, and how to correct problems.We focus on safeguarding and assessing reputational risks associated with internet and social media use today.
Net Respect Safeguarding North West is not internet safety, It is safeguarding your reputation,its is an education program developed to address negative conduct of adults online behaviour and the copy cat responses of children ,teenagers and vulnerable members of society in our digital world.
Net Respect will teach the digital right and wrongs .We do not accept not knowing as a defence, that these actions will have negative effects on others, is a reason or excuse to misuse it.
The Result
  • Considerable social pollution in the next five years.Reputational risks online will become increasingly more difficult to correct and deal with.
  • The evidence is increasingly strong towards the negative social impact that technology and digital media is already having onbusinesses, schools and our social lives.
  • Cyber Bullying, sexting, harassment, online abuse and misuse in pictures, post and messages. Silent victims and anonymous aggressors. This must stop.
The impact
Online bullying ? Violent content ? Abuse and bad language ?. Negative social stories , uploading adult content, pornography and inappropriate sexually explicit images is damaging
It is also damaging your business reputation if staff engage in this.WE will conduct a reputational risk assessment as part of our Facebook Internet Safeguarding and Risk Assessment Training with a bespoke solution provided through Net Respect Safeguarding North West program.
The Solution
With our Net Respect Safeguarding ,Risk Assessment and Training we can guide you,assist your staff and support your company or school .Teach you how to implement our essential but simple safeguarding measures ,that will protect,you ,your staff , pupils and parents from what can be devastating effects of technology abuse and misuse.
Tel :     01253 67 55 59 Lancashire Districts
Tel :     0151 324 0711  Merseyside, Manchester, Cheshire Region